Different Types of Bubble Tubes

24 Oct


Bubble Tubes

Bubble tubes are the perfect accessory to any sensory environment whether it is in a multisensory room or calming room. They encourage interaction in an innovative way with a unique combination of moving bubbles, eye catching colours and soft vibrations.

Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) will benefit most from this piece of equipment and its relaxing effects, which have also been proved to help with visual development as well as have a positive influence on their other communication skills.

The tubes make use of the very latest LED technology, which not only keeps them bright, but also guarantees that their bulbs will rarely ever to be changed.

Although they all serve a similar purpose, bubble tubes are available in a selection of variations. Here are some of the different tubes available;

  • Calming LED Bubble Tube

    A Calming tube gently scrolls through hundreds of shades of colour to promote a stress free atmosphere. It features a unique colour stop mode which enables the user to stop the tube on a certain colour.

  • Interactive LED Bubble Tube

    This tube is ideal for demonstrating cause and effect as well as for developing colour recognition skills. It features a control box with five switches, each of which is a different colour which the user can press to scroll through the colours or switch the bubbles on and off.

  • The IRiS LED Bubble Tube

    The IRiS tube is distinctive for its perfect mix of style and functionality. It’s easy to use design combines eight intense colours with a unit that has the unique ability to be controlled with an IRiS Talker for added user-friendliness.

  • Bubble Tube Softie

    Bubble Tube Softie

    The Softie tube allows the user to sit comfortably close to the tube and feel its vibrations by combining the use of a bean bag and with the latest LED technology.

  • Touch Sensitive LED Bubble Tube

    The Touch Sensitive tube makes use of four main colours which change when the user softly touches the tube. It is especially ideal for those with poor motor skills as it teaches hand eye coordination via the innovative use of colour.

  • Portable Bubble Tube

    Portable tubes are easy to move around and can be placed in the corner of any room. When in use the tube reflects in the attached mirrors for an eye catching and colourful effect.

Experia offer some of the finest sensory room equipment in the UK including bubble tubes. They have a wide selection of tubes available and can also manufacture and install all your sensory equipment. Visit the Experia website today for more information on their range of products.


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