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Points to Consider When Choosing Special Needs Equipment

16 Nov

Special Needs Equipment is designed to help individuals of all ages who suffer from various disabilities. When it comes to selecting the right types of equipment for treatment, the most important thing to take into consideration is the individual who will be using it.

Special Needs Equipment - Paletto

The equipment works by actively stimulating the senses of the user through various colours, sounds and textures. When used correctly, the benefits will include an improvement in the sensory capabilities of the user as well as an increase in their level of confidence and self esteem.

Special Needs Equipment - Tilt Switch

Special Needs Equipment is designed to promote ease of use as well as safety. The products are regularly employed by a large number of schools who use them as teaching aids for their patients and to help create unique learning experience.

Parents of children with various sensory difficulties can also use these products to encourage creativity and learning in the home. In this case it is recommended that one chooses equipment that will cater specifically to their child’s condition, for example, if they struggle with movement, a Tilt Switch would be a good choice as it will require them to move back and forth to activate it. If on the other hand they have a hearing disability, a Paletto or Banana Keyboard would be more beneficial as it will allow them to experiment with different types of sounds.

Many years of research has gone into the development of this type of equipment to ensure that only the highest of standards are met. The end result is therefore a selection of innovative products that can be used to effectively improve the sensory capabilities of those with sensory dysfunctions or deficiencies.

Special Needs Equipment - Banana Keyboard

Experia offer a range of high quality Special Needs Equipment which we deliver throughout the UK, USA and Canada. Our equipment can be used to create the perfect sensory solution for children, adults and the elderly. Experia are also experts when it comes to the manufacturing and installation all your sensory equipment and are dedicated to offering comprehensive customer care support and training packages to those new to the world of sensory products. Visit their website today for more information on their range of equipment.

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