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Using Sensory Rooms for Individuals with Special Needs

25 Oct

Sensory rooms are places where both children and adults with special needs can explore and develop their sensory skills.

The rooms offer an interactive environment by making use of a wide range of sensory products such as soft play equipment as well as sounds, lighting, aromas and other tactile objects. These rooms can also be extended to outside areas which will help to further enhance the interactive aspect of them.

Benefits of using a sensory room

Premium Sensory Room

This type of room can help teach those suffering from special needs or with sensory disabilities to learn through play. For example, individuals suffering with sight problems will benefit most from equipment that lights up and changes colour in a dark room, whilst someone with a hearing disability will find joy in equipment that makes a noise or gives off vibrations.

The certain nature of specific activities can also help those using the equipment in the room. For instance, individuals who suffer from stress and anxiety will be able to feel stress-free and relaxed in a calming room.

How a sensory room works

These rooms create a space that is completely separate from the distractions of the outside world. This not only helps those in the room to de-stress, but also encourages their minds to focus, allowing for real progress that will help influence their day-to-day lives in a positive way.

Entire rooms can be made to change colour, with moving images and attention grabbing sounds. Some sensory equipment also allows them to achieve a sense of control over their environment by allowing them to influence the change and effects of some of the pieces of equipment they use.

Calming Sensory Room

Furthermore, because of the effective therapeutic benefits of sensory rooms, a large number of establishments like schools, hospitals and other medical facilities have adopted them as part of their range of treatments.

Experia offer some of the finest sensory rooms in the UK. Their experts can help create rooms to suit the specific needs of your patients or clients as well as provide a free demonstration and room design. Experia can also manufacture and install all your sensory equipment and are dedicated to offering comprehensive customer care support and training packages to those new to the world of sensory products. Visit their website today for more information on their range of equipment.


What is a Sensory Room?

24 Aug

A sensory room can be used by both children and adults with sensory disabilities to help develop their senses and interaction skills.

Sensory rooms make use of various elements like textures, sounds, lights and smells to naturally enhance and help develop ones senses. Multi-sensory rooms, relaxation rooms and dark rooms work in a similar way as well as toward a similar goal.

Some of the first multi-sensory rooms were created during the seventies in the Netherlands and have since then become recognised worldwide for the significant benefits they can offer to individuals of all ages and abilities.

Here is a brief description about what each of the different types of rooms entail;

Sensory and Multi-Sensory Rooms

Soft Play Equipment

These rooms can be used to help aid the development of various life skills such as cause and effect, colour, number and shape recognition as well as hand and eye co-ordination. This is accomplished by using various equipment including vibrating bubble tubes and soft play equipment like bean bags and padded internal walls as well as ball pools.

Relaxation Rooms

Relaxation rooms are used specifically to create a calm and soothing environment and are especially beneficial for those who experience restlessness or are distressed.

Dark Rooms

Dark rooms are mainly used for those who suffer from a visual impairment. By making use of the contrast between the dark and fluorescent lights and equipment, the room helps to create an environment that can stimulate sight.

Sensory environments can be created both inside and outdoors. Some of the popular outdoor products include the interactive sound post and the vortex tube which is similar to the bubble tube and can be used to encourage physical interaction in an outdoor environment.

Sensory Pool

Sensory pools are also often used to create a setting that will help encourage various movements and skills, as well as promote relaxation by simply lying or playing in the water. In addition, portable equipment is available which can be moved around to create an interactive sensory environment wherever you require.

Experia offer some of the finest sensory rooms in the UK. They can design a room to suit the specific needs of your patients or clients and will also provide a free demonstration and room design. Experia can also manufacture and install all your sensory equipment and are dedicated to offering comprehensive customer care support and training packages to those new to the world of sensory products. Visit their website today for more information on their range of equipment.

The Benefits of Sensory Equipment for Adults

18 May

IRiS Balance Beam

IRiS Balance Beam

There is a wide selection of sensory products for adults available, the majority of which have proven to be extremely effective when used to treat individuals of all ages suffering from various sensory disorders. Sensory equipment can also be used to help those who regularly experience other types of behavioural issues such as self esteem, as well as those who have difficulties with social interaction and learning.

There are also sensory rooms for adults which are designed to create specific environments that can be used to help enhance the senses of those inside them. Rooms can be made to produce a calm and relaxing environment or to promote interaction by use of various sounds, smells and colours. Dark rooms are used in similar a vain to sensory rooms but are specifically aimed at individuals who suffer from sight impairments as visual therapy for adults.

Furthermore, sensory equipment for adults is often used to encourage particular actions and therefore help develop various sensory skills such as coordination, by simply allowing them to be stimulated by their surrounding environment. This all helps to treat the various sensory disorders in adults.

IRiS Light Spreader

IRiS Light Spreader

There are a number of sensory activities for adults that involve specific pieces of sensory equipment such as the IRiS Balance Beam and an IRiS LED Light Spreader. This form of motor therapy for adults requires the individual to walk along the beam which works together with the light, turning red when the user is standing on the red section and blue when standing on the blue section. This exercise is used by many sensory professionals to encourage movement as well as balance skills.

Experia are experts when it comes to providing sensory products for adults. They understand the importance of this type of equipment when it comes to treating sensory disorders in adults and are also experts in developing effective sensory rooms.

Improve Sensory Activities with Multisensory Rooms

21 Feb

Multisensory RoomMultisensory rooms were first developed in the seventies, in the Netherlands. Over the years these rooms have become more popular and are now commonly used by many professionals to treat their patients of all ages for various disabilities.

A multisensory room is designed to enhance the senses of patients by using various equipment and sensory stimulation activities. Relaxation rooms specifically help promote a calm atmosphere and are targeted at those who suffer from restlessness or are distressed. Dark rooms on the other hand are used for individuals who experience various visual impairments and use bright, fluorescent coloured equipment to stimulate the patient’s sight.

There is also a wide range of sensory activities for children specifically which can be used in storytelling and theming to bring a new and fresh, fun approach to how they learn. When using sensory activities for children with special needs, make sure that they are safely positioned and comfortable when playing with the toys as this will ensure that they have a positive experience with them.

For the best possible results and to be effective when used by children with disabilities, the equipment needs to offer the users versatility and ease of use. Always lookout for products that offer the unique elements that will help your child’s specific disability. Due to the huge success of sensory equipment, many schools and learning centres have incorporated these products into their activities.

Sensory activities for adults are often very similar to those used for children. Some of the products include bubble tubes, IRiS infinity tunnels and interactive light panels, all of which feature the latest in LED technology and are safe to use.

Experia understand the importance of this type of equipment and are experts when it comes to manufacturing and supplying products for interactive multisensory rooms. They have a wide range of sensory equipment available online from wireless products to sensory pools and bathrooms. All their products are specifically designed to help people with disabilities and provide the ultimate sensory experience.